Vision Inspection System

  • End of Line Vision Inspection System - Fixed Machine Vision Cameras, Movable Cameras on linear slides, Machine Vision Cameras integrated with six axis robots 
  • In-Process / EOL Vision Inspection & Sorting / Grading Systems  
  • Universal EOL Vision Inspection Machine - Customised Machine Sizes, Vision Inspection Cameras, Manual / Automatic Loading & Unloading for components 
  • Wired / Wireless Machine Vision Cameras integrated with a universal Vision Inspection Software 
  • Component Images are saved for future analysis / Inspection Parameter data saved as per component ID  

Industry Applications & Case Studies

Automotive Industry - Assembly Line Quality Checks 

  • End of Line Vehicle Image Capturing & Inspection - Presence / Absence of parts as per vehicle variant
  • Front & Rear Bumper Vision Inspection System
  • End of Line Vehicle Paint Inspection - Dents & Scratches
  • End of Line Vehicle Trim & Interior Inspection
  • End of Line Vehicle Wheels Inspection - Tyre Make, Size & Wheels Variant
  • Assembly Line In-Process Visual Inspection - Presence / Absence of critical parts & Parts as per vehicle variant 

Automotive Components - End of Line Visual Inspection / Rejection & Sorting / Grading 

  • Component Inspection for - Presence / Absence, Surface Finish, Dents & Cracks, Color Identification, Serial No Identification
  • Component Inspection & Comparison as per master sample  
  • Machined Components Inspections (Dents & Cracks, Visual Defects)  
  • Sheet Metal / Press Parts Vision Inspection  
  • Electrical & Electronic Component Inspection - PCB Inspection / Connectors & Cables / Colour Coding 
  • Plastic Components Vision Inspection - Component Inspection as per master sample 
  • Oil Pump Housing Vision Inspection System 
  • Dowels, Cir-clips, O-Ring & Washers - High Speed Feeding, Vision Inspection & Sorting / Grading System 
  • Oil Cooler Vision Inspection System 
  • Turbocharger Vision Inspection System 
  • EOL Tyre Defects Vision Inspection System 
  • Press Tool Die Vision Inspection System for Pin Combinations 

FMCG Industry / Consumer Electronics & Appliances 

  • EOL Component Vision Inspection as per master sample
  • In-Process / EOL Vision Inspection - Sorting & Grading  
  • Packaging Lines Printing / Date Code Vision Inspection  

Food Industry 

  • Vision Inspection, Sorting & Grading Systems   
  • Tomato, Onion, Potato, Rice, Fish, Prawns, Nuts - Feeding, Vision Inspection & Sorting / Grading 

Bus Chassis Vision Inspection System

End of Line Vehicle Vision Inspection System

TurboCharger Vision Inspection System

Fabric Vision Inspection System

Press Parts / Machined Components Vision Inspection System

Dowels, Circlips & O-Ring Vision Inspection System

Oil Cooler Vision Inspection System