Testing Systems – Overview

We design & manufacture customized laboratory & production testing systems - 

Mechanical Testing 

  • Durability / Endurance Testing Machines - Static & Dynamic Loading of structures & components (Single Actuator / Multiple Actuators to simulate all loads acting on a component) 
  • Fatigue Testing Systems - Upto 25KN Servo Hydraulic / Servo-Electric / Pneumatic Systems for Static & Dynamic Testing 
  • Tension & Compression Testing for materials upto 25KN 
  • Torsion Testing Systems - Upto 500Nm 
  • Axial-Torsional / Multiple Actuator Testing Systems 
  • Automated Testing Systems - Robots / X-Y Stages / Customized Mechanical Fixtures used for Automated Testing of products & components 

Electrical & Electronics Testing 

  • Durability Testing Systems for Electrical & Electronic Products (Measurement & Simulation of various electrical parameters)  
  • Laboratory electrical testing machines customized as per the component to validate the product life cycle
  • High Voltage Testing Systems (Online Measurement & Analysis of High Voltage Waveforms / High Voltage Breakdown Testing Systems) 
  • Automated Testing Systems - Robotic Testing / Customized Automated Design & Production Level Testing for Electrical & Electronic Products 
  • End of Production Line Functionality Testing Systems - Power Circuit Parameters & Component Load Testing , Simulate Presence of Peripheral devices, Communication Protocol Testing (CAN, UART, RS485, RS232, Ethernet, Wireless), Electronic Circuit Functionality Simulation

Assembly Line Automation & Testing 

  • Customized Assembly & Testing machines designed as per the component (Automatic Fitment, Torquing, Greasing, Load / Torque Application & Measurement)  
  • Automated End of Line Testing & Inspection Fixtures for Mechanical Assemblies 

Case Studies

  • Accelerator , Brake & Clutch Pedal Assembly - Durability Testing Machine
  • Structural Testing Rig for an Accelerator, Brake & Clutch pedal assembly
  • Swing Arm Durability Testing Machine
  • Durability Testing Machine for Electronic Braille using Machine Vision  
  • Two Wheeler Durability Testing Rig 
  • Rotary & Linear Electrical Switches Durability Testing
  • Combination Switch Durability Testing Rig (Self Cancellation)
  • Durability Testing Rig – Hand Brake
  • Durability Testing Rig – Side Stand
  • Durability Testing Rig – Crank Shaft
  • Robotic Testing Machine for Automotive Switches 
  • Tactile Pressure Measurement using a six axis robot (Combination Switch, Linear & Rotary Switches)
  • Electric Motor Testing Rig – Brushless Motor
  • Franklin Tester Machine for transformer winding (Measure surface resistance / quality control of insulation coating)
  • Refrigerator Testing Rig – Earthing, Timer, Compressor Star Rating & Electrical parameters, Vacuum Pressure Monitoring
  • Electric Water Heater Testing & End of Line Quality Inspection Machine 
  • Electrical Checkout System for Automotive Vehicles / Electrical Checking System for Switches in Automotive Components  
  • Electrical Checking System for Vehicle Door Switches / Power Window Switches / Vehicle Lighting 
  • Power Electronic Device Testing & End of Line Inspection Machine 
  • Automated End of Line Inspection Fixture for Accelerator, Brake & Clutch Pedal Assembly 
  • End of Line Electronic Ignition Testing System (High Voltage Waveform Measurement & Analysis) 
  • Automated High Voltage Breakdown Testing for Safety Switches 
  • Electric Vehicle Dashboard Functionality Testing System 
  • Functionality Testing System - Electric Vehicle Charging Station 
  • Electronic Functionality Testing System - Building Management System PCB (PCB Test Fixture)  

Accelerator, Brake & Clutch Pedal Durability Testing Machine

Swing Arm Durability Testing Machine

Structural Testing Rig - Accelerator, Brake & Clutch Pedal Assembly

Robotic Testing Machine for Automotive Switches

Electronic Braille Durability Testing Machine