Measurement & Control Software

Measurement & Control Screens

  • Communicates with Instrumentation Signal Conditioning circuits to acquire process data (LVDT)
  • Communicates with the machine control system (actuators & machine sensors)
  • Computes & displays the measured parameters & logs into the database once reconfirmed

 Calibration Screens

  • Check the instrumentation raw data for stability, linearity & correlation
  • Compute the calibration gain factor & gain constant (calibrate the job / linear probe using a micrometer)
  • Reconfirm calibrated data for each probe & check for linearity

Hardware Setup / Define Probe Combinations

  • Define probe channel dependencies & gain factors for each measurement parameter
  • Add / Modify & Delete dependencies for each parameter

Statistical Analysis Screens

  • Parameter / Part wise Statistical Analysis for process data
  • Run Chart / PIE Chart / IMR Chart / Xbar R Chart / Xbar S Chart / Histogram & Bell Curve / Overall Result / Part wise Result
  • Print Reports in a proper format for all the analysis data

Software Control Screen

Measurement Screen

LVDT Probe Calibration

 Hardware Setup

Limits & Master Dimension

Histogram & Bell Curve

IMR Chart

Xbar R Chart

Partwise Result

Xbar S Chart

Run Chart

Pie Chart

Overall Result