Solar Plant Monitoring & Control System

  • Solar Power Plant Monitoring & Control System connects to the Energy Meters, Inverters, Weather Monitoring Station, String Monitoring Unit & Plant Sensors for Data Acquisition
  • Solar Water Heater Plant Monitoring & Control System – Data Acquisition from Process Sensors (Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Level Indication, Solar Radiation) & Remote On-Off / Speed Control for Water Circulation Pumps
  • Monitor Data from any plant device via communication ports – RS232 / RS485 / Ethernet
  • Cloud Connectivity – Upload data to amazon web service via wired / wireless internet connectivity
  • Access & Analyze solar plant data remotely (Desktop, Mobile Applications)
  • Frontend Client software for monitoring system parameters & real time plots
  • Data Analysis Screens - Process parameters & statistical process control calculations (Cp, Cpk, IMR Chart, Bell Curve)
  • Setup Screens (Process Constants) & Administration screens

Main Screen – Monitoring & Reporting Software 

Monitoring Screen – Plant Overview 

Monitoring Screen – Process Parameters

Analysis Screen

Plant Performance Screen

Error Monitoring Screen

Monitoring & Control System Hardware 

Electronic Control Unit