Robotic Testing & Measurement – Automotive Switches

  • Robotic Testing & Measurement System for Electro-Mechanical components / Automotive Switches - Measure force, torque & gripping pressure / Measure critical electrical /mechanical angles & displacements   
  • Combination switch - Torque Vs Angle measurement for rotary switches / knobs , Force Vs Angle measurement for angular & linear movement of lever, Force Vs Displacement measurement for push buttons on combination switch 
  • Master light switch - Torque Vs Angle measurement for rotary knob & Force Vs Angle measurement for up & down movement of knob 
  • Piano type switches & push buttons (Latchable and non-latchable) - Force Vs Angle measurement  
  • Ignition cum lock switch - Insertion and extraction force measurement of key / Torque measurement for rotary movement of the key 
  • Machine is designed to cover a large measurement area - Measurement Sensors mounted on a 6 axis robot / 6 axis robot mounted on servo actuated horizontal & vertical slides
  • Testing & Measurement Software - Automatic measurement cycle & data acquisition from the sensors / Data Analysis & Real Time graphs are plotted for measured data