Measurement & Inspection Automation

We design & manufacture automated measuring & inspection systems - 

  • Gauging Automation - Automated Measuring / Gauging Systems for Machine Tools Industry. Geometric Dimension Measurement using inductive (LVDT) sensors, vision measurement cameras & laser distance sensors
  • Vision Measuring Systems – Manual / Automatic Measurement systems using machine vision cameras. Universal Vision measuring machine & software. In-Process & End of Line Vision Measuring Systems   
  • Vision Inspection Systems - Automatic Vision Inspection & Sorting Systems, Universal End of Line vision inspection machine, Robotic Vision Inspection & Measurement Systems 
  • Laser & Vision Measuring Systems - Laser & Vision based Profile Measuring Systems, Laser based gap & flushness meaurement systems, In Process thickness measurement using laser sensors, Geometric Dimension Measurement using laser sensors  
  • Measurement & Control Software
  • Statistical Process Control Software

Case Studies

  • Brake Drum Measurement system (Vision Measurement Cameras, Laser Distance Sensors, Inductive (LVDT) sensors) 
  • Front Hub / Rear Hub Measurement System (Laser Distance Sensors, Inductive (LVDT) sensors) 
  • Crankshaft Measurement System (Laser Distance / Profile sensors)  
  • Engine Valve Gauging system (Vision Measurement Cameras & Inductive (LVDT) sensors)  
  • Connecting Rod Measurement system 
  • Cylinder Block Measurement System (Vision Measurement Cameras, Inductive (LVDT) sensors) 
  • Tyre Cross Section Measurement System (Vision Measurement Cameras) 
  • Tyre Building Machine Rubber Layer Measurement & Centering System (Vision Measurement Cameras) 
  • In-Process Steel Sheet Width Measurement System (Vision Measurement Cameras)  
  • In-Process Tread Length Measurement System (Vision Measurement Cameras) 
  • In-Process Rubber Sheet Width Measurement System (Vision Measurement Cameras) 
  • Sheet Metal / Press Parts End of Line Measurement System (Vision Measurement Cameras) 
  • Tractor Disk End of Line Measurement System (Vision Measurement Cameras) 
  • Mirror Profile Measurement System (Vision Measurement Cameras)  
  • Oil Cooler Vision Inspection System 
  • Oil Pump Housing Vision Inspection System (Visual Defects) 
  • Turbocharger Vision Inspection System 
  • Bus Chassis Vision Inspection System 
  • End of Line Vehicle Vision Inspection & Image Capturing System 
  • Vehicle Door Gap & Flushness Measurement System (Laser Profile Sensors & Vision Measurement Cameras) 
  • Adhesive Bead Continuity & Profile Measurement (Laser Profile Sensors & Vision Measurement Cameras)