IOT – Data Acquisition Device


  • IOT Data Acquisition Device helps you make your machines smarter by gathering and analyzing real time data
  • Increased Efficiency & Productivity – Process Data provides valuable information to transform business practices and make real time decisions
  • Quality Control & Assurance – Our device helps you to monitor & analyze critical product quality data

Product Features

  • Portable & Compact Device – Easily configured & wired with a machine for data acquisition
  • Cloud Connectivity – Upload data to amazon web service via wired / wireless internet connectivity
  • Access & Analyse machine data remotely (Desktop, Mobile Applications)
  • Frontend Client software for monitoring system parameters & real time plots
  • Data Analysis Screens – Statistical Process Control Calculations (Cp, Cpk, IMR Chart, Bell Curve)
  • Communication Ports – RS232 / RS485 / Ethernet for communication with machines & field instruments
  • Analog Input Port for capturing data from process sensors
  • Digital Input / Output Ports for discrete machine signals


Industrial Internet of Things (IOT) – Applications  

  • Plant Performance Monitoring (Production, Power System, Utility (Vacuum, Compressed Air, Steam, Water, Fire System), Quality Work Processes, Warehouse & Inventory)
  • Solar Plant Monitoring / SCADA (Inverters, Current String Meters, Energy Meters, Environment Sensors)
  • Gauging – LVDT Sensors, Dial Gauge, Vernier, Micrometer, Air Gauge, Plug Gauge, Height Gauge, Multigauging Fixtures
  • Process Monitoring (Sensors & Instruments, Process Performance)
  • Monitor Process Parameters - Current, Voltage, Temperature, Radiation, Power Factor, Weight, Pressure
  • Machine Monitoring (Assembly Machines, Primary & Secondary Packaging Machines)
  • Monitor Machine Parameters - Production Count, Speed, MTBF, MTRR, Equipment Efficiency, Planned & Unplanned Downtime