End of Line Functionality Testing Machines

  • Design & Manufacture customised end of line functionality testing machines / Test critical product quality parameters before dispatch
  • Mechanical Fixtures for component location & clamping / In-Process component testing
  • Actuators - Electric Induction Motors / Servo Motors, Pneumatics & Hydraulics for component actuation  
  • Measurement & Inspection – Force , Torque, Speed, Pressure, Displacement, Electrical Parameters, Components Presence / Absence, Geometric Dimension Measurement
  • Testing & Measurement Software – Automatic & Manual Testing Cycle, Summary sheet for Test Parameters, Data recording as per component ID, Data Analysis, Instrument Calibration & Settings

Case Studies

  • End of Line Axle Functionality Testing Machine (Input / Output Torque & Speed, Electromagnetic Loading at wheels ends)
  • End of Line Coil Spring Load Testing Machine
  • End of Line Electric Motor functionality testing machine
  • End of Line Brake & Clutch Pedal Assembly Testing Machine (Travel & Force Measurement)
  • End of Line Clutch Pedal Electric Switch Testing Machine  
  • End of Line HVAC Testing Machine
  • End of Line Vehicle Electrical Checkout System
  • End of Line Power Electronic Device Testing Machine
  • End of Line Rotary Switch / Linear Switch / Combination Switch Testing Machine
  • End of Line Electrical Water Heater Testing Machine / Refrigerator Testing Machine
  • Electrical Checking System for Automotive Switches / Automotive Components
  • Electrical Checking System for Vehicle Lighting
  • End of Line High Voltage Insulation Testing for electrical switches
  • End of Line Testing for Electronic & Electro-mechanical Products / Printed Circuit Boards
  • End of Line Electronic Ignition Testing Machine (Primary Coil Excitation, Secondary Coil Voltage Measurement, Spark angle checking)
  • End of Line Battery Pack Testing System (Automatic Charging & Cell Level Balancing)
  • Pneumatic Brake Testing System (Distributor Valve, Brake Cylinder, Control Reservoir)

End of Line Power Electronic Device Testing Machine