Automated End of Line Inspection Fixtures

Automated Inspection Fixture for Brake and Clutch Pedal Assembly


  • Component Assembly location on a fixture plate with step pins
  • Pneumatic clamping to hold the component during inspection cycle
  • Custom designed mechanical assemblies actuated by pneumatic cylinders to check component inspection parameters 
  • Go / No-Go gauges actuated by pneumatic cylinders to check hole diameters & center distances as per drawing tolerances
  • Pedal travel measured with a LVDT sensor actuated by a cylinder
  • Spring force measured with a load cell actuated by a cylinder


  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) used to control the pneumatic cylinders & monitor the reed switches & sensors
  • Automated sequence to check the inspection parameters & each test result is validated by indication lamps (Green - Ok / Red - Not Ok)
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) displays machine status, production data, alarms & facilitates machine manual control for troubleshooting