Assembly Line Automation & Testing

  • Design & Manufacture customized assembly & testing machines for discrete manufacturing industries (automotive, electrical & electronic products, consumer goods & appliances, biomedical)  
  • Improve productivity & quality assurance by providing cost effective automated / semi-automatic assembly & testing solutions 
  • Industrial IOT Device integrated with the assembly line - Real Time & Historical Data Analysis / Analyze critical product quality data / Improve efficiency & productivity  

In Process Assembly & Testing Solutions 

  • Welding (Component Location & Inspection Fixtures, Automated welding using precision linear & rotary stages / Six Axis Robots) 
  • Rivetting Stations - Customized Rivetting Fixtures & Stations for Assembly Line Components 
  • Fastening - Automated fastening using pneumatic & electric screwdrivers / Fastening Torque is controlled & measured / Integrate Positioning Systems with automated screwdrivers 
  • Automatic Fitment & Load Feedback - Pneumatic & Hydraulic Fitment Fixtures with Load & Travel Feedback  
  • Measurement & Inspection Gauges for Incoming Components   
  • Automatic Lubrication / Greasing with Flow Control  

End of Assembly Line Testing & Inspection Systems  

  • Automated Machines used to test the functionality of the assembly at the end of manufacturing process 
  • Measure critical assembly dimensions as per the drawing tolerances / Check assembly positional tolerances 
  • Automated Assembly Visual Inspection for surface defects - cracks, dent marks, missing components (Check as per the master sample) 
  • Automatic component grading, segregation & rejection 
  • Non-Contact Laser Marking / Barcode Printing for tested components   


Brake & Clutch Pedal Assembly & Testing Line

End of Assembly Line Testing System

Battery Spot Welding System

End of Line Coil Spring / Leaf Spring Testing Machine